by 100%

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released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


100% New York, New York

"late-blooming flavor"

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Track Name: August 29th
flashback to something nice
Track Name: Clara
could it be Clara? no
Baltimore appears in my home
manifested black patch on white
by the warm lit path at night
scampering through bony branches
a howling doubles as i pass it
Track Name: Birds bear no message
two mourning doves keep
visiting the tree outside
around the same time
about 5 o'clock
and it took me this long
to identify them just by
the flap of their wings
because they'd never shared
that solemn sounding call
that solemn face
not until today
and it's nothing to interpret probably
there are just two doves
Track Name: What do you
after staring at the wall, i dreamt you were in a car i was sitting in the passenger seat you were driving it was the first time we had met i finally had a vessel in which to house the qualities i'd heard about you what do you think of me?

o, i have had this dream before even when i am awake you were never in a car your hair was blue the first time do i really want to fear the light that took a light from here it's hard to want to see what do you think of me?
Track Name: Sled
short of sharp breath
breath short on
for a limited time
time only

drag through the night trailing behind, styrofoam sea
a brutal illusion of orchid on white how heavy and
sloppy and
100 more feet left to go slow --

could we just stay for a bit? owh!
i already quit // let me
stand for a moment and listen to it

(owh!) i lie

you pull me across and i cry on my side

no one will see but the sky my face
the same color orchid on white will dry