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Track Name: Jake Lazovick (feat. Yill) - earCanal Groove
how does this song meet your ears?
groove through wires, moves me to share
it's just an organ, here's another sound
move all around

what does it sound like when you dance?

(through the ear canal
here and now
i hear the sound
move all around
groove to the sound)
Track Name: adult mom - i'd rather hurl
please don't make me go to 5th period
i will jump out this window before i have to learn about life science
i will skip over to the mcdonalds down the street
i will get myself a big mac with lettuce and extra cheese
i will throw it up on my teacher's desk
no one gets away with callin' me stupid
but i wouldn't be caught dead
goin' back to his class
Track Name: leslie + dev - the big oh
as simple as possible
the worst case 

performance will grow linearly 
in direct proportion to the input data set 
always assume the maximum

as simple as possible   
the worst case

to optimize
trade memory
for time

to optimize your mind
forget memories
forget time

as simple as possible 
the worst case

the big o 
lives in theory 
the big o 
isn't into reality
Track Name: QUARTERBACKS - dissection
we dissected hearts on the day you were absent you were my partner it was hard with just one scalpel / we dissected hearts on the day you were absent I head you missed it on purpose that you morally objected / if yr absent tomorrow I can drop off yr notebook i'll write down all your homework hand it to your mom on yr front porch / you dissected my heart on the day you were absent i missed you so much you're the reason i took bio
Track Name: Flashlight O - Earth Mantle
at the center of the earth
solid metal inner core
(cº) 5400 degrees
that would melt me
outer core Fe Ni
cº 4400
molten metal makes you cry
that would melt me
i love you earth mantle
84% of earth’s volume
they say you are plastic
900 degrees
old friend earthy crust,
"i owe you oh too much"
balmy temp and killer breeze
i’m loving this and
i’m not melting
i’m not freezing today
Track Name: Whatever, Dad - ESRT (2001)
16 pages worth of poetry i can no longer decipher or understand:

tectonic plates grow at the same rate as my fingernails,
but i couldn't scratch a mineral and name it in my hand

all the rocks
and the hills erode, still
the rocks and hills erode
around me to become another kind

but the rock that i know now
don't know squat about the
thousands of white dwarves, clustering in the sky
o how they cluster in the sky

and i gladly opened my
test paper to the boy who sat on my right hand side
so that he could confirm
what type of sediment would sink first to the bottom of a body of water

earth science is my
favorite science. how can you
not fall in luv? * * * rocks * * *
Track Name: bunkmate - the syndrome
it's called the syndrome
and it's rarer than we'd like it to be

and i don't want to be crude
but i hope they never find a cure

when i see you i can tell
i think maybe you've got it
so i think it would be best if we discussed this in
so let's go into the other room
so i could check you for the syndrome

i can tell by the way your shirt hangs on your
like a wire hanger
and there's something about the veins in your arms
that make me think you've got the syndrome

your legs are miles long
which is dangerous because i don't have a car
and it's getting too late to walk home
so i think maybe i'll stay the night
because it's the perfect time to check you for the

i don't want to get ahead of myself
but i just want to be sure
because i don't want you to meet my mom
unless you have it
Track Name: Cave Cricket - Energy Beings
observe and listen to your body
it will tell you what it needs

our bodies are space, energy, electrons
electromagnetic waves

our bodies are like tiny universes
our minds are driving force