The Library

by 100%

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holding to hopes
and holding to you,
but if i'm not holding onto anything,
what's it all for?

~la luna

contributions to the second May5to12 song a day project with eskimeaux, bellows, told slant, small wonder, free cake for every creature, and lvl up. please sniff around:

writing and recording this was the most fun/inconvenient thing to do during my last ever week of college. so glad i was a part of it all.



released May 14, 2015



all rights reserved


100% New York, New York

"late-blooming flavor"

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Track Name: The Library
i go to the library in search of three books
Track Name: The first book
(i trace your lips into the hills)

they sent me a letter
they tell me you are overdue
as if i haven't paid a price already
i returned the book far too soon
Track Name: The second book
this body is a house
when you pass by,
a light goes on

it reminds me there are
still flowers in the dark
and i owe no one
and i have no plan
so, the light goes off, but it
falls out of my hands
Track Name: The third book
(some days you sit upon the shelf)

it should be obvious and yet
i place color into every preview
you communicate without saying a word
i've become a directory of
unborn romances,
my index lists every collection of new second chances

forbidden thoughts
unspoken swelling
trying to remember
trying to resurrect an old conversation

[we walked around and round a bending path in the wood
if he forgot what was said why then do i trust that i've misunderstood]

some days i see you on the shelf
and other days the same reader returns to you so i go mute
but i dream of the fire flickering to your back
and the glow against your face makes me
Track Name: Gate #33B
why is it i choose to read
and written things – can they read too?
the readers – they must have another reading audience themselves,

circulating on the shelves
put on hold

will her prophecy unfold like she told me?
may be 2 years of Saturn in the 5th

enough, enough! i’m sick of it

waiting and waning,
prematurely celebrating only for delay
the morning comes, but it won’t stay

stuck at standby, permanently
so, when i love, i'm ever gentle
and extreme
and dense
i’m no attack
and all defense

a love once came and then it went
and now the waiting’s permanent
Track Name: Exit
two ships passing in the night
word had it you were at the same fire
and yet i
didn't see your face
and the glow
of the light

when a space becomes a mine
of memories and intense feeling
the weight will
certainly remain
as you leave
it behind