It gets darker

by 100%

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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


100% New York, New York

"late-blooming flavor"

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Track Name: Lead toward a fire
in the dark, appears a
roaring fire
concentrated, contained to itself
with no intentions to make further
movements beyond the flickering,
the wiggling,
occasional swell and the spit

this is it: magnificent secret alit!
hid till the woods grew
so heavy
and thick
and unknown
thunderous, only to those
who were shown
she chooses to spend most nights
eating alone
very few stay
many will go
Track Name: I got so small
disconnect me from my telephone so i'll quit waiting for the dull buzz, bearing a transcript of thoughts i can't feel, but can touch in the last four days my bed's become witness to a trick in which i found the very smallest part of myself when i lie in it
Track Name: Imaginary thing
certainly you have a face and a body i know doing research will bring nothing good for me thought that investigating from a tangent would be a better way to happen upon something i'm too afraid to discover it's o.k. to love me and several others

but for now
it's alright
that you're a flower
in my mind
you are powerful
and kind
aren't you?
remain this way
so that it's harder
for me
to really
Track Name: Wean
wean me from your body
as a reminder that
i am my own channel

and though i cannot burrow my mouth
into these spaces, i've found
comfort in performing
for me
it will not bore me
it's misty here // where you are, is it storming?

today i woke up at 10 in the morning

and i didn't pine
Track Name: Room 336
could've sworn that i felt
hands on my
fingers in the sweater pocket
like spiders legs
nervous and a little shy, i went
right back to sleep
didn't bring it up until we were
about to leave

and i knew
it couldn't have been true --
my thoughts conjured
a force
went to bed with my sweater
somewhere on the floor

was the spirit in the room
solid afterthought of you?

could've sworn that i heard them
came back to the room with
climbed into the bed, making
space for someone else
with a little sunlight, i learned they were
by themself

and i knew
it couldn't have been true --
my thoughts conjured
a form
i was certain you had got what
you'd been waiting for

was the figure in the room
-projection of my hopes for you?
-method for remembering new language when referring to ?
Track Name: In a dream
Track Name: Success
i took my keys out to unlock
my bike when out fell my rock
you take a rock
you lose a rock!
Track Name: Something hidden
slow exposure to what i don't like
so if the occasion presents itself, i wouldn't mind

sought out closure from the people i've liked
the prickling hesitation was not worth my time

little seed i planted deep in my brain
is hard to hide sometimes, but i could never explain

that i love you it would all turn to shit
so i bite my tongue and try hard to forget about it
Track Name: Wine into mugs
wine into mugs cut the cheese in my palm with a spoon cos my movements remain soft even though you are not in the room you are loud and defined in my thoughts while i try to suppress and deny the upset so i muffle the sound with a call frankie will heal me it feels like she's near me cos every time we talk it's never difficult to make out the words it's as if she has heard me before i knew her name she knows what i deserve and i wish i could do the same
Track Name: Soft spot
unprepared with a capital F
i am sweating at the change of an address
restless hands rearrange the mess, o
sort the mess to create a new mess

stole your light / put it into my rock
took your warmth / now there's a smallness in the way that you talk
worried hands reconfigure the s

ignore the mess, but create a new mess

sort the mess to create a new mess

you made a mess / i couldn't add to the mess

saved a mess / instead i'll send you a text

went to bed dreaming
they covered you in graffiti
took what i wanted, but
i'll return what i needed
if it means you'll be
less blue than me